TATUNG-ECS Elite Group, E.ON and ČSAD České Budějovice


On the basis of the signed agreement of understanding (MOU) between the above mentioned parties and the town of Písek, the preparation of the modernization of the Písek bus station and the addition of IoT by the ECS / Tatung technologies began. The building will complement the concept of a smart city, which is Písek now without doubt . This is a continuation of smaller projects that Tatung Czech has implemented in this city in the past years.

IoT technology and sensors will record ambient values (temperature, humidity, CO2) and transmit the information through the LoRa communication interface platform into the ECS software. The concept will be complemented by a photovoltaic power plant on the roof of the building.

The launch of the realized project is expected in the second half of September 2018 and will mean for both TATUNG Czech and ECS Elite Group the next step in brand promotion in the Czech Republic.